Sarah Salmon is a freelance writer who majored in journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney. An Australian expatriate, she has lived in South Korea and India. She now lives in Singapore with her husband and two children adopted from Cambodia. Sarah is currently writing an infertility / adoption memoir, The Chilli is Not the Whole Curry: One Woman, One Prophecy, and One Child, which was selected for the Hachette Manuscript Development Retreat 2012. Sarah is a member of the Singapore Writers’ Group and she has contributed short stories to its anthologies, Rojak and Tales of Two Cities. She has also written articles for The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and

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  1. Hey hello stranger, it’s Maxine (and Henning) from India days! Didn’t realise you were in Singapore – Hennings living there now, whilst we are back in the UK since 2012 – he gets back every 6 weeks. I think you know we have two girls from Taiwan too. Glad to hear all is good with you. Maxine

  2. Sarah! I have no idea if my thoughts will get to you, I’m not all that brilliant with computers! I’ve been retired medically unfit for further duties from Victoria Police since 1984, after breakdowns! I am a humanist, and I’d just like to say how endearing is your article in todays The Age “Sunday Life” about you and your husbands adoption of Sophea, and your going out of your way to try and locate the birth mother! also I see on another site your adoption of Jasmine! your clear thinking of making adoptions “open” and the pleasure you gave to Sopheas mothers family made me glow inside! this is just to say I think your all great! xxxx Bruce Fisher. Forest Hill 3131 Melbourne.

    • Hi Bruce, Thank you for getting in touch and expressing your support – I appreciate your kind words. Yes, my husband and I adopted a second girl, Jasmine, from Cambodia and we take our two daughters back each year to visit their birth families. We always find it very rewarding and I think their birth families feel the same.
      Regards, Sarah.

  3. So nice to read your blog Sarah, do you remember you met us at Lavelle Rd Bangalore with my wife. Hope you take and your family are doing well.

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