Kids and Theft

One of my daughters got caught up in a stationery-stealing scenario at school.

“It’s against the law. You can go to gaol for stealing,” I told her. “I’d like you to know what it feels like to have your stationery taken from you. As part of your punishment, I want you to give all your erasers and pens away to children who don’t have any.”

She nodded.

We bundled up my daughter’s highlighters, pencils and rubbers, and I took my two daughters to the Salvation Army drive-through donation centre. Large, open bins lined the driveway, filled with old books, clothes, and furniture.

As my daughter placed her bag of stationery in the appropriate bin, she looked worried. “But people could just come and steal all this stuff.”

“But it’s wrong to steal,” I said. “That’s the point of this trip. Besides, it’s charity. People don’t steal from charity.”

“Wow! Look at that,” my other daughter said, pointing to a mobile phone cover sitting on top of one bin. “Can I take that?”

“That would be stealing,” I said.

Oh God, now I’ve got to worry about TWO thieves in my house.

child robber

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