The ‘B’ Word

Since my daughters’ discovered the ‘f’ word, I am paranoid about what other swear words they’ll add to their vocabulary.

They were listening to Katy Perry’s ‘Hot n Cold’ on the iPod the other day and one of them said, “Mummy, this song has the ‘b’ word.”

“What’s the ‘b’ word?” I stupidly asked.

“Listen.” She rewound the song and sang along to the lyrics… “Like a bitch!”

“That’s not a nice word,” I said. “Please don’t use it.”

“But Katy Perry says it.”

“But you’re a child. It’s not appropriate.”

A day later, I found this diary note in her bedroom:


I pulled my daughter aside and pointed to the note. “Darling, did you write this?”

She nodded.

“Who are you calling mean bitches? I’ve told you not to use that word.”

“Nooooo! It says, ‘I had enough of mean business.’ When we had a play date yesterday, the girls were leaving me out.”

‘What bitches,’ I wanted to say.

Any Comments?