The Things Kids Say

Some of the funny things my kids have said recently:


6 year-old: “Daddy, when you die I’m only keeping Mummy’s ashes”.

The following day: “Daddy, if you do something for me I promise I’ll keep your ashes.”


8 year-old: “Mum, when you die you’re giving the iPad to me”.

Jesus! Perhaps I should start sleeping with one eye open at night.


6 year-old farts.

Me: “What was that little noise?”

6 year-old: “It was my bottom squeaking.” Cheeky grin.


8 year-old sitting on the toilet: “My poos are taking a long time to come. Mum, you need to leave.”

Me: “Why?”

8 year-old: “Because they’re shy.”


6 year-old: “Santa Claus thinks I’m in love with those One Direction people but I’m totally not.”


Oh, the things kids say. It certainly provides a good insight into the things they deem important: iPads, bottoms, and One Direction.

Any Comments?