The Honesty in Spelling Mistakes

My New Year’s resolution (to be a more patient mother) is not going so well. I lost my cool the other day when my six-year-old refused to turn off the iPad. A few minutes later, when my anger had simmered, she gave me a hand-written note:

Kids & Computers

I am a dick tid to ipads and ponse evin I am a dick did to th pone. 

Translation – I am addicted to iPads and phone, even I am addicted to the phone.

I smiled. She hit the nail on the head. She is addicted and she is a dick sometimes. I’m a dick too. For making a New’s Resolution that is doomed to fail.

One thought on “The Honesty in Spelling Mistakes

  1. Too sweet Sarah. Parenting kids with strong personalities is challenging. But I’m hoping that evolves into my kids being strong adults, which would be a good thing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, none of us are perfect parents.

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