Children Need Families Not Orphanages

November is Adoption Awareness Month and as a mother of two adopted children who spent their early months living in orphanages, I support JK Rowling’s message below. Keeping children with their birth families and out of orphanages may not be something we can fix overnight but it’s a goal we should all support. While cultural circumstances in many developing countries, such as the shunning of unwed mothers, doesn’t make the goal realistic today, hopefully we can work towards changing mindsets for the benefit of future kids.


4 thoughts on “Children Need Families Not Orphanages

  1. Hi Sarah, greetings from Australia! Thanks for highlighting this issue. As you are aware, there is a strong push right across the globe for children to remain with their birth families,extended families or if not, within their communities and cultures. We are working hard to provide resources for parents, child caregivers and others (now in English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, soon Spanish, Portuguese and Amharic) by sharing best child care practices in seminars and conferences, which includes the continuum of care.
    Maybe catch up again when next we are in Singapore.
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