Book Launch: Rojak

Readers, journalists and publishers meandered into Rouge café in Ubud on October 3rd for the launch of Rojak, a book of short stories published by The Singapore Writers’ Group. They relaxed into the cane sofas opposite a panel of 7 Rojak authors. I was one of those authors and I’d never attended a book launch before, let alone hosted one. So instead of relaxing into my own chair, I sat ramrod straight, unsure of what to expect, nervous about my upcoming reading.

It turns out there was nothing to be nervous about. The author readings were a huge success, the audience quiet and focused as they soaked in stories from around the globe. The Q&A sessions were casual and informative, the guests interested in the individual authors’ writing techniques, keen to know the inspiration behind our stories. It was then that I realised we were all at Rouge café for the same reason – for our love of literature, to share and enjoy stories, to support writers and writing. It felt familiar, cosy, just like it should when one settles down to read a good book.

Rojak book launch

Look out for Rojak’s upcoming Singapore book launch during the Singapore Writers Festival, November 6 at the Arts House.

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