Book Review: The Lost Child of Philomena Lee

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith.

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As an adoptive mother this book struck a chord with me. It is the tragic story of betrayal by an Irish nunnery in the 50s, when the sisters removed a 3-year-old child from his mother and sold him to adoptive parents in America.

The Lost Child of Philomena Lee is a powerful tale of the son’s adult search for his birth mother. Without any knowledge of his background, apart from vague snippets of childhood memories in the nunnery, his attempt to fill the deep void in his life is obstructed by the nunnery as it hides the truth of his past.

My daughters were both adopted and fortunately we are able to visit their birth country and birth families every year. Without this connection to their history, they too would likely feel that a huge piece of them was missing. The scars of adoption are deep enough without people or organisations standing in the way of adoptees’ rights to know their past.

After I finished The Lost Child of Philomena Lee I watched the Philomena movie. While it misses chunks of the book version, it was a sad yet funny film. Judi Dench was brilliant!

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