Book Review: A Long Way Home

Bk cover_Long Way HomeImagine losing your elder sibling on a train station when you were just 5 years of age. Imagine falling asleep and awaking to find yourself on a moving train with no one in sight. Then imagine arriving at a busy train station thousands of kilometres from home; no one you approach has heard of your home town. Imagine sleeping on the streets for weeks until someone takes you to an orphanage. If this is not horrifying enough, imagine this happening in India, a busy, chaotic, and sometimes dangerous place. This is the true story of an Indian boy who was later adopted to an Australian family. His amazing tale follows his search to find his birth family years later.

As an adoptive mother of two daughters, this book resonated with me. It is a heartfelt, honest account of a man trying to find his past. Thankfully, my children will not have to search for their birth families – we visit them every year in Cambodia – even if my youngest daughter is too young to comprehend or appreciate these unbroken ties.

“I don’t want to go,” she stated earlier this year when we were half way into our four-hour drive to her birth village.

She is only 4-years-old, so we continued the drive, assuming it was in her best interest. When she is older we will no longer be able to make the choice for her, but I will give her a copy of ‘Long Way Home’ to read.