Adoption – Unsolicited Questions From Strangers

In recognition of Adoption Awareness Month, I would like to share my own experiences, in hope of contributing to adoption awareness.

My daughters were both adopted from Cambodia, and my husband and I are both Caucasian Australians, which means we often get quizzical looks from strangers. Apparently adopted families are such a rarity that it takes some people a while to work out how my family fits together.

“Are they your children?” people ask.

“Yes,” I smile.

“Do you have your own children?” people query.

“These are my own children,” I gesture to my daughters.

“Are they sisters?” people ask.

“Yes, but they’re not biologically related,” I say.

In a world of globalisation and widespread media coverage of celebrity adoptions, it amazes me that people can be so ignorant. Perhaps it’s just a case of speaking before they think.

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“People don’t know you’re my Mummy because we have different skin,” my eldest daughter said to me recently, no doubt a result of hearing too many unsolicited comments from strangers.

“Well, they should know,” I said. “You call me Mummy and we act like a family. It’s not that hard to figure out.”

I don’t know if I answer people’s questions (including my daughter’s) with the best responses; I simply say what comes naturally to me at the moment.

What reaction might you give?

5 thoughts on “Adoption – Unsolicited Questions From Strangers

  1. I just came across your blog from the Open Adoption Interview Project … I find it fascinating that you adopted from Cambodia, a country that is very near and dear to my heart. I look forward to following along!

  2. I was an expat and adopted from Cambodia.
    I was asked ‘Is she your daughter?’ Yes I said. ‘
    She come from your belly?’ No “Oh, so you buy her?”

    Brilliant form, I was waiting for the person to ask how much I paid!! 🙂

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