Help Save This Little Boy’s Life

This 7-year-old Cambodian boy, named Mi Chhouy, is battling for his life in a Bangkok hospital. He needs your help.

Mi Chhouy

Mi Chhouy

Mi Chhouy has been living at New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC), an HIV orphanage just outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, since both his parents died when he was a baby. I know NHCC orphanage well, as my daughter lived under their care until my husband and I adopted her.

Last Thursday (November 7) Mi Chhouy turned yellow, so the NHCC staff took him to a Phnom Penh hospital. On Sunday morning the hospital informed NHCC that he was close to death – he was in liver failure and his kidney had stopped working. There are no dialysis machines in Cambodia for children, so the hospital asked NHCC to take Mi Chhouy away, as they did not want him dying in their hospital. Unable to fly Mi Chhouy to Thailand for medical care, because he had to be on oxygen, the NHCC staff rented an ambulance and drove to Thailand.

After a 7 hour trip, they arrived at the Thai border at 3.30am, but they were not allowed to cross until the border opened at 7am, despite a Bangkok ambulance waiting for them on the other side. Mi Chhouy went into a seizure and could not breathe. When they finally got Mi Chhouy to the children’s hospital, the NHCC staff were not sure if he would pull through. They had to buy their own dialysis machine due to him being HIV+ (sometimes the blood does not get fully cleaned out of the machine and other people would need use to the hospital’s dialysis machine in future). They also had to pay $10,000 for the first day of ICU, plus an additional $3,000 a day for each day that Mi Chhouy remains in ICU. One of the NHCC founders, Kathy, is renting a small place next to the hospital to stay by his side – she loves this child as if he were her own.

Today, Mi Chhouy’s breathing tube is out and he is opening his eyes. NHCC is hoping for his full recovery, although nothing is certain at this point. They need your help save his life. Please DONATE NOW to help fund Mi Chhouy’s ongoing medical treatment. Every dollar counts.

This is the first time I have asked people to donate to a cause. My family and I visit NHCC every year when we take our daughters back to Cambodia for their annual trip. I know the NHCC founders well, and I can vouch for their reputable organisation. It is one of just two charitable organisations in Cambodia that my family chooses to support.

Mi Chhouy

Mi Chhouy


5 thoughts on “Help Save This Little Boy’s Life

  1. Update on Mi Chhouy

    Thank you very much to those who donated to New Hope for Cambodia Children (NHCC) to support Mi Chhouy’s medical treatment. The good news is that his liver has fully recovered and his kidney is doing much better. He has an infection that the doctors cannot locate, so he will remain in ICU for at least another week, but things are looking better and we’re hoping for a full recovery.

  2. Wow, what a touching story Sarah. My son’s school here in Sydney support NHCC for all their charity fundraising activities across the year. Nice to hear real stories of the amazing work they do
    Loz x

    • That’s great that your son’s school already supports NHCC. They need all the help they can get to house, feed, and school the hundreds of kids they care for at their village. We were there last month visiting them, and I am always humbled by their work.

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