Doctors Without Borders

Government forces in northwestern Central Africa Republic (CAR) are currently killing their own citizens, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. You may have heard about it in the news, but has there been any mention of the international medical organisation, Doctors Without Borders, which is on the ground offering humanitarian assistance? We rarely hear about these generous aid volunteers and we rarely give them enough credit for the work they do in dangerous war zones and other crisis situations. I know that my eldest daughter would probably be dead if it wasn’t for Doctors Without Borders.

daughter_smilingWhen my daughter was a baby, the local village hospital in Cambodia turned her away, probably because her birth family didn’t have the funds for treatment. If it wasn’t for a Frenchman, working at another hospital for Doctors Without Borders, who agreed to treat her, she might not be alive to smile at me every morning, and that is unimaginable.

So, this is my BIG thank you to all those people doing amazing work for Doctors Without Borders.

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