Sterile Singapore? Perhaps, But it Has Plenty of Charm

“How would you feel about moving to Singapore?” my husband asked.

“What?! We just moved to India two months ago and I love it here,” I said.

“My company is closing down its Indian office. They want to send us to Singapore.”

“But Singapore is so boring and sterile,” I whinged.

We ended up staying in India after my husband started his own business. But ironically, eight years later I was begging my husband to move to Singapore. I had reached my threshold with India’s filth, chaos, and corruption. The country’s power cuts and potholes had worn me out.

“I thought you said Singapore was sterile and boring,” my husband said.

“Sterile and boring is not looking so bad these days,” I laughed.

India’s poor sanitation had put me in hospital for a week. It had given me regular bouts of diarrhoea. Sterility would be a welcome change. And boring sounded quite pleasant after India’s chaos and unpredictability.

We moved to Singapore almost a year ago and I have been like a kid in a candy store ever since. Singapore is not sterile or boring. It is organised and efficient and clean and safe. It is also a great country for children. Here is my list of things to do in Singapore that will make you love the country too.

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