Welcome to my first blog!

I am originally from Sydney, but Asia has been my home for the past 11 years – South Korea, India, and now Singapore.

As a writer and an adoptive mother of two daughters from Cambodia, I am currently penning a memoir about my time in India and my path to motherhood.

My fortnightly blogs will reflect on expat life in Asia, travel, infertility, adoption, and motherhood.

26 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Sarah! Happy 2013. Just checked my hotmail account and discovered this amazing gem in my inbox. LOVE IT!! As we are in Manila we must try to get together at some point. Big Hugs to you all

  2. Hi Sarah
    Look forward to reading your life experiences in Asia! If the first two articles are anything to go by I will definitely be reading. All the best Georgiexx

  3. Hello Sarah! This is also the first blog I’ve ever followed. I look forward to hearing what you, Ben & the girls are up to and sharing many memories of India.

    Anthea, Geoff & the 3 little Sutton sisters xx

  4. Hi Sarah, Great idea and good stuff. You blog and I’ll follow! Say hi to Ben and best wishes to you all. Phil and Marion xxx

  5. hey sars. love it! slightly embarrassing to admit but this is the first blog i have nominated to follow – make it good!!!!!!
    jules x

  6. Dear Sarah
    Very interesting first blog, even if somewhat stomach churning! Will be tuning in regularly! I’m impressed….xxx

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